Team Swiber

Swiber is your partner in reaching your career goals. With our presence in key Asia-Pacific regions, strong businesses in a stable market and fundamentally sound financials, we are positioned to provide you with the optimum working environment to fulfill your potential.

People & Culture
With the corporate philosophy of Cause no Harm to anchor in our business ethics and strategy, everything we do will have as our first consideration, the idea that it must cause no harm. It takes our thinking away from short term gains to sustainable, ethical ideas and actions that benefit everyone. The company intends to nurture this as a core value and through an ongoing education programme and guidance, will inculcate this as part of our company's culture. This thousand-strong company takes pride in the diverse make-up of its management and staff, united by a passion for excellence. Swiber's incredible growth for the past years is the result of the commitment and passion of its employees, whom, at the last count, has a makeup of 29 nationalities. Swiber has the advantages of a large company with the flexibility of a small company. Exchange of ideas are strongly encouraged and an array of channels are made available to everyone, to ensure that each voice is heard. Helmed by a relatively young and energetic leadership, Swiber is surely a dynamic workplace to establish your career.

Training & Development
Employment at Swiber is all about growth. As the company simultaneously grows its core business and expands to more offshore opportunities and other energy sectors, employees can expect to hone their skills and further their current capabilities, as they constantly meet new and exciting challenges. Employees are given vast opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills with our investments in training and development programs. They are designed with the objectives of empowering every individual, to go beyond their respective roles. Our Organization Development Department works with the different business units to develop programs and curriculum that offer an array of courses targeted to specific skills.

Considering that we spend almost half of our days in the workplace, Swiber has equipped its headquarters with various facilities which will ensure the well-being of its employees. Shuttle services are provided at the start and the end of each working day; free lunch is served daily at the lounge café which doubles as an entertainment hub - with its billiards set, karaoke room, video game consoles and television sets. A fully-equipped gym with its own fitness instructor as well as a library ensures that both body and mind receives its fair share of training and care. The Human Resources Department has been hard at work in organizing monthly gatherings to foster camaraderie and espouse the community atmosphere in Swiber. Our intranet service affords a conduit to participate in forums, get updated with latest news of events and projects and unite the headquarters with our overseas subsidiaries.